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Ways to Give

When you sponsor a homeless pet at our shelter, you will be helping in ways that cannot be counted. We have many dogs, but we also have a few cows, horses and a donkey. You can sponsor any adoptable animal at our shelter. Pet sponsorship gifts support the work of RSPCA and helps save all the animals.

When you become a regular supporter by signing up to make monthly donations, you'e providing gifts that can be used to help animals in their hours of need. The continuous and steady gift of your donation helps animals year-round.

Please know that by making a gift in memory of someone you love, you provide a life sustaining second chance for homeless pets. Your kindness offers love, hope and happiness and through this gift, cherishes the memory of someone special.

M-Pay us @

Bhutan National Bank Limited:           5000023081018

M-BOB us @

Bank Of Bhutan: 201003048

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